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Finding the right social media marketing partner to empower, and grow your brand is not always an easy task. The social media marketing experts at Altitude provide advanced social media marketing and social media management services.

Whether you’re looking for someone to manage your social media presence, respond to engagements or are seeking a full service partner to grow and scale your social media, rmarketing™ is the partner you can trust.

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What is social media Marketing

If the Internet has revolutionized how we access information, social media has revolutionized how we share it. In the past 10 years, the total number of worldwide social media users has increased from just under a billion to 3 billion, with some studies placing the number closer to 4 billion. What started out as a simple way to create an Internet profile with some pictures and a bio has evolved into a multi-billion dollar industry, with Facebook ringing in nearly $70 billion in ad revenues in 2019.

Most people trace the origins of social media back to MySpace, and while it did emerge in the mid-2000’s as the first grand-scale social network, its potential as a marketing tool pales in comparison to what platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are capable of today. Billions of people are now using social media to research products and services and discover new brands, whether through advertisements or personal recommendations by peers.

social media marketing


Why Social Media Marketing?

Social media is now in full integration with society as a primary information source, and with billions of active users, there’s simply no reason why any business should not be conducting social media marketing. Surprisingly enough, many of them are putting little to no prioritization on social media, effectively shutting out an entire market of potential customers.

For example, at rmarketing™ we’ve worked with several clients who felt their resources would be best spent solely on standard SEO–whatever directly affects their rankings. While Google has stated that social media does not directly affect search rankings, studies have strongly indicated a positive correlation between social media presence and ranking position in Google. This implies an indirect, but nonetheless substantial, effect of social media on SEO.

At rmarketing™, we’ve seen this effect first-hand in dozens of our clients. That’s why we include social media marketing as part of our core SEO services. Our team of social media marketing experts have the skills and experience to maximize your social media potential through advertising, content posts, promotions, and other avenues, thereby increasing your brand’s visibility and presence on social networking sites.

Social Media Marketing

Frequently Asked Questions

What is FaceBook Paid Advertising?

Facebook paid ads operate much in the same way as standard PPC search ads, targeting users based on location and other information in their social media profile.

Does Instagram drive sales?

In addition to driving more traffic and increasing sales on your website, Instagram offers the ability to sell products directly through social media posts.

How does boosting a Facebook post work?

When you boost a post on Facebook, it will be optimized for engagement rather than clicks, with the objective of increasing likes, shares, and comments.

Is YouTube advertising effective?

YouTube advertising is effective provided that your video content is high-quality, informative, and answers customer questions.

How do you leverage social media for your b2b brand?

Social media provides an outlet with which to publish knowledgable content that establishes your B2B brand as a leading voice in your industry.

Why is social engagement important?

As people continue to turn to social media platforms for information on products and services, engaging with consumers directly on these platforms will be a major driver of success.

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Let's Find You The Right Social Media Marketing Partner

Social media marketing has many of the same objectives as run-of-the-mill SEO: drive traffic, increase sales or conversions, and build brand authority. The crucial difference is how these goals are accomplished. Whereas standard SEO involves bringing in more traffic to view your website, social media marketing is all about bringing your website content to the consumers themselves.

This adds a whole new layer of strategy to the mix. Social media marketing is about user engagement above all. How can you leverage your presence on social media to connect with your audience and drive more traffic to your website? This is the million dollar question, and the answer is with a well-strategized and well-executed social media marketing campaign.