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rmarketing™ has been providing app store optimization for many of our clients for years. We are search engine gurus who are just as intrigued by app store search algorithms as we are Google’s. Having seen first-hand the evolution of mobile in the SEO industry, we understand its ever-growing importance, and are ready to help your business reap the benefits. To learn more, contact us today.

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Why partner with rmarketing™ for APP Store Optimization?

Although our brains may one day be connected to the Internet in some sci-fi fantasy-like distant future, for now, all digital information needs to be accessed through a physical device. These days, that device is most often a mobile cellular phone. Since its inception decades ago, cell phone technology has advanced to where we are now: using our Internet-connected “smart” phones to access the entirety of the Web virtually anytime, anywhere. 

There are now over three and a half billion smartphone users worldwide, and 77% of Americans own a smartphone. While a modern smartphone serves many purposes, they are most often used for accessing mobile applications or “apps”; the average smartphone user spends 90% of their time in a mobile app as opposed to a mobile browser. With millions of apps available in both Google and Apple’s app stores, it’s no surprise that mobile applications are a red-hot commodity. 


Just like websites are ranked for certain search terms in Google, mobile apps are also ranked in the app store based on keywords. However, app store search algorithms look for additional ranking signals in app searches that do not apply to websites, such as how often an app is updated and the number of times it’s been downloaded.

Because they are ranked differently, mobile apps require optimization strategies that deviate from standard search engine optimization. One trademark difference lies in conversion. Whereas a website can consist of several conversion goals, such as a user filling out a contact form or purchasing a product online, there is usually only one conversion associated with mobile apps: getting more downloads.


If you hired rmarketing™ for App Store Optimization, what would that look like?

App store optimization (ASO) is the process of tweaking a mobile app to rank higher in app store searches with the ultimate goal of increasing downloads. In the mobile space, an app download is often worth far more than a comparable conversion on a website, because the app remains installed on the system until the user manually removes it. ASO can get an app ranked and increase downloads; it is up to app developers to integrate in-app marketing strategies to retain users once an app has been downloaded.

With Google’s ever-increasing focus on mobile-first indexing and continuing dialogue regarding the importance of mobile search, rmarketing™ has been prioritizing mobile usability above all else in our optimization process since day one. Maintaining a strong presence on mobile necessitates the development, implementation and monitoring of a proprietary mobile application. That’s why we offer app store optimization in addition to our standard SEO services.

An ASO campaign requires many facets in order to be successful. Like traditional SEO, keyword research is an imperative first step, followed by proper implementation of keywords throughout the app. Other factors that affect app store rankings are how often the app is updated, user reviews, number of downloads, and the influence of PPC advertising and external promotions from social media and other websites.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why is app store optimization important?

App store optimization increases visibility of your app in app stores, leading to wider reach, more downloads, and more loyal users.

How does app store optimization work?

App store optimization uses much of the same methodology as search engine optimization by targeting and ranking for specific keywords in app stores.

How do I get my app noticed?

Aside from a competitive ASO strategy, engaging with your users on social media and requesting reviews wherever applicable can increase app visibility.

How do I market my app?

App marketing requires you promote your app across all digital marketing platforms, including your website, social media, e-mail lists and reaching out directly to bloggers and reviewers.

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