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rmarketing™ offers retargeting services for a wide range of businesses and industries. We connect our clients with digital marketing gurus who live to reduce bounce rates and maximize conversions using both cookie-based and list-based retargeting methods.

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Why partner with rmarketing™ for your Retargeting?

In a perfect world reminiscent of every business owner’s dream, every person showing initial interest in a product or service would dive head-first into the conversion funnel and come out as a paying customer. But this is hardly the case in real life.

The hard truth is that only 2% of web traffic converts on the first visit to a website. This leaves a whopping 98% of potential customers who remained just that: potential, not actual. While it is possible that some may return to your site and complete a conversion, it’s not likely unless they are somehow reminded to do so. This is where retargeting comes in.

Retargeting is a form of online advertising that engages users who have expressed interest in your business by visiting your website, but who left the site before making a conversion. In the digital marketing world, this is often referred to as “bouncing”. Bounce rate is the percentage of visitors who leave a site after viewing only one page, and is a crucial metric that should always be tracked. 

Bounce rates vary depending on the product or service, industry, and how effective a website is at keeping the interest of its visitors. While a high bounce rate isn’t always a bad thing (i.e. when the value of a conversion is very high), reducing bounce rate should always be a goal for any business. 

Retargeting is a way to re-capture the attention of bounced website visitors. This can be done either through targeted paid ads, or a list-based approach in which customers who have already given their contact info receive either an e-mail or a targeted ad on social media. Retargeting is particularly effective because it targets people who have already displayed interest in your brand by visiting your website. 


If you hired rmarketing™ for Retargeting, what would that look like?

For cookie-based retargeting, the process goes something like this: when someone visits your website, web code provided by your retargeting application will leave an anonymous browser “cookie” that stores that information. If the user leaves the site without converting and visits another site, the cookie communicates this information to the retargeter, which displays a targeted ad for your business on that website (provided there is available ad space).

List-based retargeting is of the same concept, but executed differently. In list-based retargeting, a list of information–usually customer contact info–is utilized to send either targeted email messages or social media ads to potential customers, encouraging them to revisit your website. 

Whether you wish to re-engage bounced visitors with a targeted advertisement or set up a social media / email remarketing campaign, rmarketing™ has the skills and expertise to plan and execute retargeting campaigns of the highest caliber. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Why is retargeting important?

Retargeting reigns in consumers who have already expressed interest in your product or service by visiting your website, and are therefore more likely to convert than other leads.

What's the difference between retargeting and remarketing?

Whereas retargeting utilizes cookies to display targeted ads, remarketing utilizes user information to compile lists for e-mail marketing campaigns.

How effective is retargeting?

Retargeting can be enormously effective; the average click-through rate of a retargeted advertisement is 10x that of a typical display ad.

How can I improve my retargeting?

Retargeting is all about knowing your customers and the varying paths they take leading to your product or service. The more you know about your buyers, the more targeted you can make your ad campaigns.

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Retargeting has multiple benefits, from recapturing leads to increasing brand loyalty to revealing useful market information regarding segments and customer behavior. To get started with retargeting services, contact rmarketing™ today. Call now for a free SEO consultation at 1-800-593-4012.