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At rmarketing™, we believe a well-devised and properly-implemented search engine optimization campaign often results in the highest return on investment compared to alternative forms of digital marketing. By researching and targeting the search queries being utilized by your target market for your specific product or service, you can effectively rank higher in Google’s search results for these terms. A highly-successful SEO campaign can result in first, second, or third position rankings, which is where the significant ROI of SEO comes into play.

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SEO in the Medical industry

get your business ranked above your competitors

Search engines can be a blessing and a curse. While they allow anyone in the world with an Internet connection to access your website, they also create a state of hyper-competition in which ranking within the first few search results can be a significant challenge. If your business is not listed within these first few results for popular search queries related to your industry, the odds of a user even looking at your listing begins to decline drastically. 

This is true for virtually all businesses, and is one of the major reasons why search engine optimization is so important. The medical industry is no different; consider that 73% of consumers turn to search engines to research treatment for a medical condition, while 83% of patients view a hospital’s website before making any appointments.

While the topic of private vs. public health care can be considered cause for extensive debate, the truth of the matter is that, like all industries, medical services often operate as competitive businesses and rely on marketing to some degree to reach and acquire new patients. In the 21st century, this means investing in digital marketing for medical professionals. At rmarketing™, that digital marketing investment exists in the form of an SEO strategy for medical professionals.

medical seo


rmarketing™ for the Medical industry

For medical practices, rmarketing™ offers local SEO services that target consumers within the local community, as they are often the most likely candidates for business. Our local SEO for medical professionals includes:

  • Ranking your medical practice’s website for local search terms
  • Creating / optimizing medical service pages and location pages
  • Optimizing Google My Business and other business listings
  • Creating high-quality blog content that engages with the local community
  • Growing your medical practice’s backlink / citation portfolio
  • Monitoring comments and reviews to assess customer satisfaction
  • Analysis of key SEO performance metrics across multiple analytics platforms

These are just a few examples of base-level local SEO methods. Every local SEO campaign is different, being highly customized to serve the needs of each client. The most important thing to remember regarding local SEO for medical businesses is the community engagement factor. By directly communicating with locals–many of whom may already be in your market–you are demonstrating a level of care and consideration that goes beyond what most businesses have to offer, and that is especially valuable coming from a health care provider. This can not only benefit your medical business’ reputation and bring in new patients, but also fosters loyalty with your existing patient base.

Another excellent way of fostering loyalty is through a strong social media presence. Although not technically SEO, social media management is an absolutely essential supplement to, and is heavily intertwined with, search engine marketing efforts. A successful social media marketing campaign will bring more traffic to your medical business website, increase leads and conversions, and ultimately grow your medical practice beyond what standard SEO can do.

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Medical SEO

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is SEO Important for Medical fields?

SEO can increase your share of the local market for your products and services, making lifelong customers out of members of your community.

WHAT TYPES OF medical BUSINESSES CAN benefit from SEO?

Search engines can help you learn or find almost anything you want or need. Potential patients may be asking questions about an ailment, treatment, causes and when to see a health professional. Based on the search engine’s results, your future patients will be led directly to your practice if you appear at the top of the search page.


SEO can take anywhere from 3 to 6 months or more depending on competition, goals, and campaign structure.

How Are medical Websites Ranked?

Websites and pages are ranked in search engines by using a complex algorithm which takes into account 200+ factors. Websites that are ranked higher in the SERPs are the ones considered to be the most relevant and useful. 


A successful SEO strategy will improve search engine rankings, leading to increased traffic, more conversions, and higher revenues for your business.


If your business website is not listed on the first page of Google, you’re essentially not being seen at all. SEO can boost your search engine visibility and increase traffic to your site dramatically.

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The medical industry, while much more regulated than others, still presents market competition as a major challenge to many businesses. With major entities in the medical space investing tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars into digital marketing campaigns, the necessity for at least a basic local SEO strategy is clear and strong. If you operate a medical practice and think you can benefit from a local SEO campaign, contact rmarketing™ today to learn more.