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rmarketing™ provides social media management services to improve and maintain a strong social media presence for our clients. Our social media management experts utilize tools and tactics specifically designed to increase engagement, brand visibility and customer retention on social media platforms.

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Why partner with rmarketing™ for your Social Media Management?

Social media has ingrained itself into nearly every aspect and corner of modern society. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Snapchat have shifted the social atmosphere to a digital medium, providing a means to finding and sharing information across the world to virtually anyone who knows where to look for it.

While it’s obvious how social media has revolutionized how we interact, what far too many businesses don’t realize is that it’s also a very effective marketing tool. Considering that 84% of Internet users use social media, and that 43% of Internet users use social media to research things to buy, the utility of social media in promoting products and services is clear.

Most business owners realize the value of engagement in building lasting relationships with their customers. They also realize the value of social media as a marketing channel to reach and communicate with those customers. The benefits of a social media presence speak for themselves, and as such most business owners will find that their competitors are giving them a run for their money in fighting for a bigger piece of the social media market pie. 


If you hired rmarketing™ for Social Media Management, what would that look like?

Our social media management services include:

  • Targeted ad campaigns
  • Content development, optimization and management
  • Promotional campaigns (special offers, coupons, etc.)
  • Retargeting and remarketing
  • Facilitating ongoing, positive interaction with customers
  • Analysis of key data metrics to assess campaign performance
  • Integration with all related SEO, Content and PPC campaigns

To be successful, social media management requires clear goals on the part of the business. What social platforms will they be prioritizing? Are they looking to acquire new customers, or foster brand loyalty with their existing ones? Do they just want to use social media to drive more traffic to their website? Establishing clear goals leads to clear strategies that will prove more effective in the end. 

In addition to having a clear set of goals, a social media campaign needs to be heavily branded to your company’s voice and image. More brand recognition in the eyes of your audience will lead to increased brand familiarity, leading customers to recall your product or service over others when making a purchase decision. By integrating your brand into every facet of your social media campaign, you can passively establish brand recognition at levels that many businesses work actively to achieve. 

Just as data analytics tools track key data for business websites, social media analytics tracks data on social websites. There are dozens of useful metrics to consider, including engagement rate, audience growth rate, visitor frequency, and conversion rate. These metrics provide valuable insight into where to steer your social media campaign to stay on course with your goals. 

Social Media Management

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is social media management important?

More and more people are using social media to research products and services. Social media management is crucial in reaching and converting customers on social platforms.

What are the advantages of social media?

Social media allows businesses to engage with their audience directly, thereby building brand awareness and loyalty as well as increasing traffic to your website.

Does my business need social media?

Chances are high that most businesses in your industry are already using social media to their advantage. You’ll want to do the same if you wish to remain competitive.

What does a social media manager do?

Social media management involves a range of duties, from developing and publishing content to managing social media ad campaigns.

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The marketing possibilities offered by social media are vast and plentiful, but it takes a strategic and skilled approach to build a real presence on social platforms. It also requires time and consistency that most business owners simply don’t have. Our social media managers are standing by and ready to take on the challenge! Contact us today to learn more. Call now for a free SEO consultation at 1-800-593-4012.