A Small Business Owner Recommends NEW Auto-Optimizer.

I operate a steel building and insulation brokerage firm. I am not a traditional SEO provider. However, over my 30 years in business, I have experienced some scrupulous SEO practices firsthand. From these experiences and my friend’s creation of a uniquely autonomous SEO Auto Optimizer, I was moved to create Rmarketing LLC., which offers the Auto Optimizer and connects the public with other digital services nationwide. 

For many small businesses, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a crucial marketing tool, especially with the rising costs of Google Ads.  As a small business owner, I’ve shared the same struggles as many of you in finding an SEO service that meets our needs. Even those who are relatively satisfied with their SEO provider often find it challenging to understand the specific actions being taken. This lack of transparency can leave us uncertain and reliant on the hope that our SEO provider works consistently and in our best interest.

I found that the SEO industry is tattered with companies that are quick to spout that they do keyword research, target marketing, evaluate your site performance, give content recommendations, link building, write comprehensive blogs, etc. When, in fact, more often than not, this is just a presentation to secure new accounts. After attaining an account, these SEO firms, more often than not, put in half-hearted effort at best in these areas. I eventually realized that SEO firms had an ace in the hole they could play if their efforts were questioned: They could say, “It takes at least six months to get significant SEO results.” Though this statement may have relative merit, it doesn’t justify the lack of transparency, their prices, and the vagueness of their practices. 

Let’s face it: the average small business owner knows little about adjusting title tags, crafting meta descriptions, strategic schema markup, etc. Even those familiar with these terms are often too busy running their businesses to verify whether these SEO practices have been done. 

I’m not saying that the majority of SEO companies are unethical. However, I assert that the SEO industry has been collecting residual income for years with little fear of being held accountable since most clients don’t know precisely what actions are being taken to optimize their sites. Conclusion: many SEO firms have been getting free money! 

Here are a few personal SEO experiences I’ve had spanning over 30 years operating a steel building and insulation brokerage firm:

  • A person used black hat practices (practices violating Google standards) to increase my website’s rankings. When I confronted him with this fact and indicated I no longer wanted to utilize his services, he was unwilling to release my information off his server. When pressured to do so, he insidiously removed my site from the Google listing without informing me, and my ranking temporarily plummeted. 
  • Once, a key principal within an SEO company casually told me, “Clients not on top of their ad budget, our company keeps as much as 70% of the revenue acquired from them for facilitating their Google ads.” He thought sharing this information would make me feel privileged since he would charge me 20% of the ad budget.  
  • A friend told me he purchased an SEO company that had not performed any SEO services on some accounts yet had been collecting payments for nine months.

These acts may be anomalies, but they did occur. Undoubtedly, similar actions are happening to other businesses that are not fully abreast of SEO practices being performed! Accepting the possibility of this occurring to you may be a challenge. The good news is that there is a solution!

My friend, an SEO industry expert, created an SEO Auto Optimizer that is an ALL-IN-ONE PRODUCT: It expertly tweaks titles, meta descriptions, and heading tags through meticulous crafting and split-testing. It also strategically enhances your sites with Schema markups, uploads relevant searched questions, offers content recommendations, and writes unique blog content. The best part is that you may save up to 50% of your SEO costs and see your site analytics weekly to confirm its effectiveness! 

If you are sincerely interested in expanding your company’s internet presence, Fill out the form for a free SEO Auto Optimizer quote. 

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