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eDirectory SEO

eDirectory is a simple to use web-based software targeted at website owners looking to build a robust directory website.

eDirectory Features:

Listings | Deals & Offers | Classifieds | Articles | Blogging System
Banner Advertisements | Visual Page Editor | Template Editors
iPhone & Android Apps | Source Access | Search & Filters
Social Integration | Site Management | Sponsor CMS

eDirectory comes jam-packed with features that allow you to monetize and manage your site easily.

For most website owners, the big question is — how easy is it to optimize an eDirectory website? The quick answer is, it’s pretty darn simple.

eDirectory gives you access to most SEO features, including HTML access, title tags, meta descriptions, in-linking, and more. For an added fee, users have the option to purchase the code and make their edits.

Are you considering SEO for your eDirectory Website?

If so, we should talk! The SEO Experts at SEOBrokers have over five years of experience optimizing eDirectory guides for a variety of clients in various verticles.

Considering eDirectory as a solution vs WordPress or another CMS? We’re happy to chat with you about the PROs and CONs to each. Feel free to drop us a line at 303-731-6588 or learn more about eDirectory at

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