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Online ad management is an ongoing process that requires constant tweaking, revising, and testing. Continual optimization of ad copy requires multiple versions of the ad to be tested to see which performs best with your audience, and conversion tracking requires a significant amount of time before cost-per-conversion efficiency is maximized. Most businesses simply don’t have enough time to manage their online ads, and are better off investing in third-party ad management services.

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Why partner with rmarketing™ for your Google Ads Management?

For any given search query in Google, there are two types of results: organic and paid (inorganic). While organic results consist of websites who have been optimized to rank for that specific query, paid results consist of companies who have purchased a spot on the SERPs to advertise their business.

If you perform a Google search, you’ll likely see ads for businesses who offer products or services relevant to that search. These ads often appear as text that can reside above or below the organic results, or on the side of the page. These are called pay-per-click ads, as they are paid for by the business being advertised each time a user clicks on them. A portion of each payment goes to Google for displaying the ad, resulting in enormous ad revenues that topped $134 billion in 2019.

Prices for clicks vary depending on industry. Industries such as attorneys, insurance, and other highly competitive business services have the highest prices at nearly $60 per click. The maximum amount paid for a click can be calculated by determining the value of a conversion to a business; a new client for a lawyer has a much higher overall value than someone looking to buy shoes has to a department store, therefore the cost-per-click in that industry is much higher.

PPC is an essential part of any digital marketing portfolio, especially for consumer businesses who can benefit from having multiple targeted ad campaigns running simultaneously. For these companies, managing this slew of ad campaigns constitutes a full-time position. rmarketing™ offers Google Ads Management Services so that our clients can focus on satisfying their customers while we do the leg work.


If you hired rmarketing™ for Google Ads Management, what would that look like?

Our Google Ad Management Services include:

  • Analyzing ad keywords for relevancy
  • Determining ad targeting factors such as device, location, time of day
  • Implementing intriguing ad copy that entices the consumer to click
  • Optimizing landing pages to maximize conversions once an ad has been clicked
  • A/B testing multiple versions of ads to assess performance
  • Implementing ad extensions with calls to action to draw customers into the conversion funnel
  • Using conversion tracking and other analytics to maximize conversion profitability

Standard, organic search engine optimization can and does do wonders for rankability. However, the best SEO campaigns will utilize both organic and paid search to draw in far more traffic than organic search alone.

Google Ads management FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Google Ads worth it?

Most SEOs will recommend a supplemental PPC campaign to accompany your organic SEO. Provided your ads are effective at getting clicks, a Google Ads campaign can capture far more leads than standard SEO alone.

How does Google Ads work?

Like all PPC ads, Google Ads is based on a bidding system; the business sets the price they want to pay for a certain keyword in an ad, which is paid every time a user clicks on that ad.

How much should I budget for Google Ads?

Your Google Ads budget depends on search volume, sales goals, market size, and industry competition. It can vary from under $100 a month to tens of thousands of dollars or more.

What are the benefits of Google Ads?

Google Ads provides many benefits in that it’s faster than traditional SEO and can increase both brand awareness and customer reach.

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