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rmarketing™ offers negative SEO defense services that rectify losses suffered as the result of a negative SEO attack. Having achieved first-page rankings positions for many of our clients, we’ve seen first-hand a multitude of them fall under attack by covetous competitors out to overtake them. Determining the cause of a rankings dip is a lot like detective work, and our experienced negative SEO defense team knows the signs and symptoms of a negative attack.

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Why partner with rmarketing™ for Negative SEO Defense?

Search engine optimization is often categorized into two categories: white hat and black hat. White hat SEO encompasses methods that abide by Google’s Webmaster guidelines and target a human user. Black hat SEO is the use of shady SEO tactics in an attempt to manipulate Google’s algorithm into ranking a website in search results. “Grey hat” is sometimes used to refer to SEO that muddles the line between white and black hat.

Sometimes, SEOs use black hat techniques not to rank their website, but to tank a competitor’s. This is referred to as a negative SEO attack. Such attacks can be on-page or off, and can be orchestrated with or without access to a website’s back end. An example of an on-page negative SEO attack would be adding cloaked spammy links within the site’s code or manually de-indexing the site from Google altogether. An example of an off-page negative SEO attack would be if someone pointed thousands of spammy links from one site to another, thereby decreasing the quality of the receiving site’s backlink portfolio.

Both on and off-page negative SEO attacks can result in a Google penalty, as they’re designed to do. This penalty can be either manually given by Google (in which case a message will be sent to the site owner in Google Search Console) or an algorithmic penalty that significantly reduces the victim site’s rankings. 

While manual penalties are obvious, there are hundreds of reasons–as many as there are individual rankings signals in Google’s algorithm–for why an algorithmic penalty may have occurred. Because of this and the relatively rarity of negative SEO attacks, diagnosing an attack can be difficult. Any drop in rankings, especially if significant, demands immediate investigation, and the culprit is often technically related and not the result of foul play.

When a website suffers a significant dip in search engine rankings and a thorough technical audit proves inconclusive, it might be time to consider the possibility of a negative SEO attack. Websites that are currently dominating in their industry and consistently ranking in the top few positions on Google are particularly susceptible to an attack from competitors, as there’s more market share at stake. 


If you hired rmarketing™ for Negative SEO Defense, what would that look like?

Our negative SEO defense services include the following:

  • Link audits to monitor the integrity of your website’s backlink portfolio
  • Site speed monitoring to ensure your site isn’t being slowed by forceful crawling
  • Checking for duplicate “scraped” content across the Web
  • Monitoring Google My Business and other reviews platforms



negative seo

Frequently Asked Questions


While negative and black hat SEO aren’t technically illegal, they are considered shady and dishonest and are heavily frowned upon in the professional SEO and Google community.


Negative SEO may work for a short time, but in the long term a negative SEO attack will be discovered and rectified and bad links will be disavowed, nullifying any advantages gained by the perpetrator.


Spammy backlinks can be removed by contacting the webmaster directly with a request, or filing a report with Google.


A website that is secure from hackers and malware, as well as a properly maintained and monitored backlink portfolio, are the best defenses against a negative SEO attack.

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Let's Find You The Right Negative SEO Defense Partner Your Company Deserves

Negative SEO attacks range from minute nuisances with little effect to serious problems that can greatly affect both your business’ online search rankings and reputation. A formidable negative SEO attack requires competent negative SEO defense. If you feel you’ve been the victim of a negative SEO attack, contact rmarketing™ today to learn more about our negative SEO defense services.