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Reverse Engineering Negative SEO Attacks

Over the past year or so I’ve been aggressively repairing and fighting against a negative SEO attack against Colorado-based CBD Oil manufacturer, NuLeaf Naturals. The attack doesn’t appear to be isolated, there are quite a few other prominent players in the CBD space that are under the same attack.

First, what is a negative SEO attack?

Negative SEO attacks come under a lot of different forms. The most common is the deployment of thousands if not millions of links pointed at the victim’s website. The links are designed to ‘trick’ Google’s algorithm into thinking the targeted website is in violation of their guidelines, therefore, resulting in a demotion, and in some cases a complete removal from the search engine results page. This reduction and/or removal can cost a business millions of dollars in lost revenue.

In the case of NuLeaf Naturals, hundreds of thousands of links were pointed at their homepage and shop CBD page. These two pages resulted in about 80% of their organic search engine traffic. Before the attack, NuLeaf was ranked #1 for just about every competitive keyword from CBD, CBD Oil, Organic CBD Oil and many more.

Who would execute a negative SEO attack?

90% of negative SEO attacks are initiated by a competitor. In most cases, the competitor who deploys the attack hires a 3rd party, in most cases over-seas to deliver the blow.

How do we uncover who’s behind the attack?

The first step to uncover who’s behind the attack is through the process of elimination. In the CBD space, I start with a rolling list of the top 100 competitors. From there we look at who else has become a victim of the same attack. In this case, the attack is pretty broadly targeted and I’ve been able to identify quite a few CBD companies who are being attacked by the same person (link profile relationship audit).

There are additional steps and tactics to determine who the offender is that I am not going to post here due to this being an on-going investigation and I don’t want to tip the attacker off on what else we look for.

Finally, my client – NuLeaf Naturals is willing to front a $10,000 reward to one person who comes forward with factual information that could result in legal action being taken against the offender. This person is costing the industry likely tens of millions in lost revenue. I plan on reaching out to the other CBD companies to see if they’d like to sweeten the deal even more.

If you have a tip, send it to me anonymously at seanhake[email protected]

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